2013 Mascot Grand National

The 2013 Bet Victor Mascot Grand National was held at Kempton Park racecourse. In our opinion the result was unsatisfactory, as you shouldn’t really allow mascots who aren’t wearing a costume. However the race is well worth watching to laugh at all the mascots who didn’t cheat, but fell over.

2012 Mascot Grand National

Mr Bumble stormed to victory in the 2012 Mascot Grand National, then posed for pictures with the crowd. The rest of the race is superb as well, worth watching right until the end to see the pantomime horse very nearly get across the finish line.

Punky In Nassau

Punky had a nice trip to Nassau, Bahamas in January 2015. He did shit himself slightly when a shark came swimming up to the jetty though, especially as it was a bit breezy and he could have blown in. He didn’t though. Which was good.

Punky At The Airport

Punky is ready to head off on his round the world trip. Here he is at Manchester Airport. His first stop will be Hanoi (via Singapore) where he will personally soil himself at the insane number of scooters he will encounter.

Orang-Utan Steals Shirt At Zoo

We recently came across this footage on YouTube which shows an orang-utan at a zoon in the Phillipines, stealing a tourist’s shirt and eventually putting it on. Imagine the embarrasment and humiliation of losing one of your favourite items of clothing to a primate. At least he wore it though instead of ripping it to…