Happy New Year sport monkeys

Howdy there! How is it going fellow monkey, mascot, sport and music lovers? Did you know “Howdy” is thought to just be a shortened form of the greeting “How do you do?” No? Me neither, but thinking about it now, it’s pretty obvious isn’t it? Happy New Year to everyone as well out there. Yes yes I know it’s the 29th December, but I think you’re allowed to say say it early. Do you agree? Do you? Do you agree?

I had a sore head after Christmas day!

Whatever your answer or opinion let’s just get on with the show and the New Year of 2018. There has been a lot of reflection that 2016 was a bad year just because a lot of iconic musicians, actors, celebrities and in general, good people passed away. I don’t blame the year, what would be the point in that, in fact I don’t blame it on anything. It’s of course unfortunate and very sad, even more so when it happens so quickly and all of a sudden to these people. Let’s then remember these great people for what they brought us and why we loved them for how they made us feel. Of course for their family and close fiends it’s hard and of course our thoughts are with them, let us give them their privacy.

Okay, here goes, new year and a new year’s resolution for me and that is to enjoy myself even more and have some proper monkey adventures. For too long I have been sat in my owner’s bedroom collecting dust, whilst he works away on his laptop. Things must change! Every now and again he’ll get me down, interact with me and maybe take a few pictures of me. Or throw me to his kids to play with, which is fun! Just all depends on what he’s been up to. Well he’s always up to something when he’s not working to be honest and I want some of his action.

Not ape!

He’s always off to music gigs, out for curry, off to sporting events with his mates so I’ve decided I’m going with him this year. That folks is my New Year’s resolution! He even does football training, football coaching and football “management”, well he calls it that but I know his team are bottom of the league, hah!

He’s obsessed with sport in general though. I tell you, if you ever met him and mentioned a random sport he’d know of a team, or even better have a specific team or person he follows or supports. Crazy guy! Don’t believe me??? I caught him watching drone racing the other day!? Now, yes, you might not think that’s a sport, or is it? Who knows! That is not the point, the point is, he was watching it just after he’d been watching the Red Bull World Series of Cliff Diving! Do you see where I’m going with this?

He loves football, cricket, NFL, rugby, squash, boxing and so many more, to be fair to him he does go to these live sporting events as well as watching them on the box. Now it’s my turn too, I ain’t waiting around any more, I’m getting out there as well, so be prepared for my monkey adventures as I give you my opinions on all the latest sporting, music and general news hitting the world out there.

Monkey and out!

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