Countdown to the FIFA World Cup 2018

Russia 2018 World Cup mascot – Zabivaka

The FIFA World Cup is now just 48 days away and we here at Monkey Adventure simply cannot wait until it starts on 14th of June. Unfortunately there will be no monkey adventures out in Russia where the tournament is taking place, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be having lots of fun here in England watching ALL the games.

Back in 2006, myself and a few of the other monkeys from our troop did head out to Germany for the World Cup there and what an adventure we had, visiting brilliant cities like Berlin, Hannover and Hamburg. We spend nine days travelling around, drinking beer, eating meat and watching all the football with fellow monkeys from Germany, Europe and the Rest of the World.

We had a truly fantastic time and saw many wonderful things, but for us one of the biggest highlights was getting to meet the official mascot of the Germany World Cup. That’s right, we got to meet Goleo and his football friend Pille.

World Cup 2006 – Goleo and Pille

As for this World Cup, well we are going to be previewing every game a month in advance of it happening, so starting on 14th May we’ll start with the opening game of the tournament Russia v Saudi Arabia. We’ll give you our thoughts, opinions, any previous history and of course our score prediction. If you want to get involved yourself then please do so, the more the merrier as football and sport does bring monkeys together.

England themselves start on 18th of June v Tunisia, they then play Panama on the 24th June, followed by the big one when they face Belgium on the 28th June. The rest of the opening round fixtures are all listed below:

World Cup Fixtures

14 June Russia vs. Saudi Arabia (4pm, ITV)

15 June Egypt vs. Uruguay (1pm, BBC)
Morocco vs. Iran (4pm, ITV)
Portugal vs. Spain (7pm, BBC)

16 June France vs. Australia (11, BBC)
Argentina vs. Iceland (2pm, ITV)
Peru vs. Denmark (5pm, BBC)
Croatia vs. Nigeria (8pm, ITV)

17 June Costa Rica vs. Serbia (1pm, ITV)
Germany vs. Mexico (4pm, BBC)
Brazil vs. Switzerland (7pm, ITV)

14th June – Russia vs. Saudi Arabia

18 June Sweden vs. South Korea (1pm, ITV)
Belgium vs. Panama (4pm, BBC)
Tunisia vs. England (7pm, BBC)

19 June Colombia vs. Japan (1pm, BBC)
Poland vs. Senegal (4pm, ITV)
Russia vs. Egypt (7pm, BBC)

20 June Portugal vs. Morocco (1pm, BBC)
Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia (4pm, BBC)
Iran vs. Spain (7pm, ITV)

21 June Denmark vs. Australia (1pm, ITV)
France vs. Peru (4pm, ITV)
Argentina vs. Croatia (7pm, BBC)

England manager – Gareth Southgate

22 June Brazil vs. Costa Rica (1pm, ITV)
Nigeria vs. Iceland (4pm, BBC)
Serbia vs. Switzerland (7pm, BBC)

23 June Belgium vs. Tunisia (1pm, BBC)
South Korea vs. Mexico (4pm, ITV)
Germany vs. Sweden (7pm, ITV)

24 June England vs. Panama (1pm, BBC)
Japan vs. Senegal (4pm, BBC)
Poland vs. Colombia (7pm, ITV)

25 June Uruguay vs. Russia (3pm, ITV)
Saudi Arabia vs. Egypt (3pm, ITV4)
Spain vs. Morocco (7pm, BBC)
Iran vs. Portugal (7pm, BBC)

Brazil 2014 World Cup Winners – Germany

26 June Denmark vs. France (3pm, ITV)
Australia vs. Peru (3pm, ITV4)
Iceland vs. Croatia (7pm, BBC)
Argentina vs. Nigeria (7pm, BBC)

27 June South Korea vs. Germany (3pm, BBC)
Mexico vs. Sweden (3pm, BBC)
Serbia vs. Brazil (7pm, ITV)
Switzerland vs. Costa Rica (7pm, ITV4)

28 June Senegal vs. Colombia (3pm, BBC)
Japan vs. Poland (3pm, BBC)
England vs. Belgium (7pm, ITV)
Panama vs. Tunisia (7pm, ITV4)

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